Guidelines for Contributors

Acta Islamica is a trilingual research-oriented journal endeavoring to publish the research papers having the social and contemporary advantages in a scholastic manner. For the betterment of the journal, the contributors should keep in view the following guidelines.

  1. The article submitted for publication should be creative, research oriented and not submitted elsewhere for publication.
  2. The author concerned will be held responsible for the contents mentioned in article. No matter if it is differing from the opinion of the editor. In case of plagiarism, the author will face the consequences thereof.
  3. The article should be of 5000 to 8000 words in length. On the front page the clear and bold written title of article and the name of author should be given consecutively. The designation and the address etc. should be given in foot note of the same page. The abstract not more than 200 words in English should be written in the start.
  4. MS Word 2007 should be adopted in composing.
  5. In Urdu 14 font size for text, 12 for reference where as in English 12 font size for text and 10 for reference should be adopted.
  6. Chicago Manual Style should be followed for references.
  7. The editor reserves the right to accept or reject an article without any reason. Moreover, the editor can make necessary addition and alteration in the article.
  8. Jameel Noori Nastaleeq for Urdu, Traditional Arabic for Arabic and Times New Roman for English should be adopted. Avoid submitting the article in In Page or PDF.
  9. One soft copy of the article along with the plagiarism free certificate should be sent via the following email.

Dr.Sami Ul Haq

Editor Bi-Annual Research

Journal Acta Islamica